Adoption by Public and Private Organisations

Benefits of Adopting "iAM Smart"

  • With the rapid development of internet economy and smart city over the past few years, government expects that "iAM Smart", together with other digital facilities such as 5G communications, can bring about breakthrough for the digital transformation of the whole society, in particular for commercial organisations which are closely related to the public's daily life and work. OGCIO will actively facilitate public and private organisations, including local I&T companies as well as small-and-medium-sized information technology enterprises, to adopt "iAM Smart" platform in their online services and also to bring new service experiences to the public through digitalization.
  • Benefits of adopting "iAM Smart":
    • Optimize the enterprise's online service flow
    • Enhance the transaction experience for customers
    • Strengthen the competitive edge
    • Seize the development opportunities brought by the Internet economy and smart cities
  • Interested parties can download the "iAM Smart" application program interface to understand the system and technical settings, in order to get prepared for adoption of "iAM Smart".

"iAM Smart" Pilot Sandbox Programme

  • In collaboration with Cyberport, OGCIO is conducting an "iAM Smart" Pilot Sandbox Programme ("Sandbox") for the private sector to conduct mock-up tests and integration tests on the API functions in order to get better prepared for the adoption of "iAM Smart".
  • At the moment, the Sandbox is opened to companies of the financial sector and will be reviewed in December 2020. Subject to the results of the review and the progress of the adoption by government online services after the launch of "iAM Smart", OGCIO will further determine how and when the Sandbox will be extended to other industry sectors.
  • For enquiries about the Sandbox, please contact Cyberport at
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