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What is iAM Smart

What is
"iAM Smart" ?
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"iAM Smart" stands for "internet Access by Mobile in a Smart way". "iAM Smart" mobile app provides the one-stop personalised digital services platform, which enables users to log in and use online services by their personal mobile phone in a smart and convenient way.
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iAM Smart Functions

iAM Smart Functions
Form Filling
Personalised Notifications
Digital Signing
(Applicable for registered

"iAM Smart+" account only)

The difference between the
two versions of "iAM Smart"

iAM Smart
"iAM Smart" plus
"iAM Smart" supports  Authentication
"iAM Smart" plus supports  Authentication
Form Filling
"iAM Smart" supports "e-ME"  Form Filling
"iAM Smart" plus supports "e-ME"  Form Filling
"iAM Smart" supports  Personalised Notifications
"iAM Smart" plus supports Personalised Notifications
Digital Signing
"iAM Smart" not supports Digital Signing
"iAM Smart" plus supports Digital Signing

Security and Privacy Protection

System Security Technology and Standards
Adopt international standards for information security
Awarded ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 international standard certifications with the implementation of comprehensive information security and privacy management measures

Personal Privacy Protection
Strictly adhered to the Personal Data (Privacy)
Ordinance (Cap.486)
All personal data encrypted and stored in government data centre
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